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Warner Brothers Artist

Monster of a Tooth
Warner Brothers
Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel
Looney Tunes
100 Edition
14 x 17
Warner Brothers Monster of a Tooth price

In some periodontal situations, only a Looney Tunes dental team can be apt for the job. Certain painful procedures are a given - you can bet your eyetooth on that. But regardless of decay or any other fluoride-to-floss deficiencies of a tooth-bearing set, Dr. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Marvin Martian are more than able to PULL this off. Or is it OUT? One thing's certain, - practice makes perfect. And what better patient to practice dental perfection on than Gossamer, the bug-eyed monster made up of orange hair, yellow nails and old-school sneakers. As he sits clamped, Gossamer remains an endodontic Eden. What purveyor of Novocain, drill and pliers wouldn't want to bridge the gap of this patient? Of course, dental drama a-la Looney Tunes requires tactics that would other shudder the ADA. Witness Dr. Duck's two feather-fisted grip with webbed0feet planted on the patient's chest. Following this is a good dosage of crown-work via Dr. Bunny's blowtorch, while Dr. Martian seems confused enough back to the x-ray phase that maybe, just maybe, what's being pulled should be pushed back in. It's all in a day's work where diplomas are hammered onto walls and x-ray machines come from Mars. Only one question remains:

Will insurance cover this?

The original concept and drawing for this limited edition was created by Warner Bros. artist Juan Ortiz, who hand-signed each piece of the edition. The master was inked by Laurie Davis and each cel was expertly hand-painted on the reverse side in the classic animation style. The original background was illustrated by Hector Martinez and reproduced utilizing a fine art giclee process.
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