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Bone Daddy

Artist Bone Daddy portrait Bone Daddy has loved to draw for as long as he could remember. "Even as a kid I was fascinated by the darker side of life." Bone Daddy loved to read books about ghosts and watching scary movies. One of Bone Daddy's favorite pastimes was catching bugs. "I would play with them for a while and somehow I'd always end up killing them accidentally. So I grabbed their carcass, grab my pencil and paper and use them as models for my art. Even as an adult there's nothing I find more fun than drawing spiders." - Bone Daddy

When Bone Daddy was in high school he lived in the Midwest with acres of cows and horses or 20 acres surrounding my house. Bone Daddy used to journey through these big fields where he would find the bones of deceased cows, gather them up in a wheelbarrow, tote them back to the house, clean them up, wire them together and create some really cool sculptures. That's how he ended up with the nickname Bonedaddy, and it stuck.

Most of his favorite Art is what people would refer to as lowbrow art. Some of his favorite artists are guys like Shag, Mark Ryden and lots of today's tattoo artists. Bone Daddy's art is about the things he enjoys, sex, color, life with a taste of the macabre.
His style is influenced by the piles of comic books he collects and some of the artists whose work he enjoys.

A lot of people ask if Bone Daddy has any formal art training. His dad was an artist and so are his two Sisters. The only real training Bone Daddy had is helping or kind of assisting Michael Godard, the guy that paints the Olives. He is the main person who convinced him that he should do something more with his art.

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